We have been providing pipe cleaning services throughout the tri-state area for over 40 years

Since 1973, our company has been serving Municipalities, Commercial and Residential properties. We offer high pressure water jetting services, television inspections, pipe point repair, root application and drain cleaning. We are committed in providing the best possible service to our customers.

Commercial services provided in all of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Residential services provided in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties in PA and also Wilmington, DE.

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**DOT Certified -- Woman-Owned Business**

VacCon Unit

Pipe Cleaning

During the cleaning process, our truck utilizes a high pressure water jet to clean and flush drainage systems at pressures up to 2500 psi to remove debris and obstructions. This unit can vacuum up sludge, water, rocks, sand and other types of debris found during the cleaning of the sanitary and/or storm sewer lines, inlets and catch basins.

It cleans and removes:

  • solids
  • semi-solids
  • debris

Television Inspection

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Cues Closed Circuit Remote Control TV

General Pipe Cleaning utilizes the Cues Closed Circuit system along with the OZII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera aids our customers in locating areas of infiltration, sags, breaks and root intrusion in sewer lines. Our unit is capable of inspecting 6" diameter or larger sewer lines, as well as producing an audio-visual replay of the pipe inspection. Data collection and recording can supply you with a permanent record for viewing at a later date. This service is invaluable in inspecting new lines before they are turned over to municipalities.

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Rigid SeeSnake Unit

General Pipe Cleaning utilizes Rigid SeeSnake Units to televise smaller lines (from 2") that can be inspected to observe conditions and problem, aiding our customers in locating sags, breaks and root intrusion. The process allows for video recording, data collection and replay of the pipe inspection.

Pipe Profiling

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Our laser pipe profiling equipment is a stand-alone, snap-on tool for use with Cues Closed Circuit Remote Control TV system along with the OZII optical zoom pan-and-tilt camera which gives the capability to collect data and create reports containing the measurement of faults and other features inside the pipeline.

This includes measurements of pipe size, laterals, water levels, as well as, analysis of pipe ovality. Our system projects the laser "ring" on the internal pipe surface while the camera moves through the pipe; an analysis is performed on the ring of light using our software to create a digital pipe profile. The pipe to be profiled must be cleaned and free of debris for the profiling to be performed properly. This system is designed to provide the contractor, municipality or engineer with the ability to determine the internal pipe surface prior to rehabilitation.

Pipe Point Repair

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No dig Pipe Point Repair allows our Company to make selective permanent underground sewer repairs. This is a quick and easy method that is used to repair and seal sewer lines that have been damaged due to cracks, infiltration, root intrusion or corrosion regardless of the sewer pipe age or material. The repair is installed internally and eliminates the costly and time consuming excavation.

Root Treament

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With the combination of a turbo -powered root cutter and a cost -effective foaming chemical root control application to help remove intruding roots and inhibit their growth. The product RootX® is a cost effective foaming chemical root control system, which is environmentally safe and effective for both sanitary and storm sewers, for municipal, industrial and residential applications. This product has been accepted by the E.P.A. in all 50 United States.

General Sewer Service Inc.

**DOT Certified -- Woman-Owned Business**

Email: drsewer@drsewer.com

Our Services Include:

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

root treatment

Using various types of drain cleaning equipment, including Electric Eel, Spartan machines to clear clogs in main sewer lines, kitchen sinks, outside drains, yard drains and rain leaders with the use of cable and cutters that help clear blockages inside the pipe, removing roots, sludge and debris.

Root Treatment

root treatment

RootX® makes it easy to kill existing roots in residential sewer lines, and septic systems. Left untreated roots can spread throughout the pipe, causing the material passing down the rain to get trapped in the roots, restricting the flow or even causing a complete blockage. RootX® adheres to the pipe lining to help prevent re-growth. With annual RootX® application, the roots decay over time, restoring pipe to their full capacity.